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    • Icon of A severe storm at sea A severe storm at sea
      7.7 MiB - 52 Hits - April 17, 2013

      From the novel Hannah Intrepid Wayúu by Balam Abello, these are excerpts from chapter 21, in which Athena, a huge container cargo ship, encounters a severe storm in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
    • Icon of Famous and gorgeous Hollywood actresses Famous and gorgeous Hollywood actresses
      6.4 MiB - 198 Hits - December 4, 2011

      Many famous and gorgeous women actresses from the beginning of the movie era, are displayed. Nice effects and music. But the question is: Can you identify all of them?
    • Icon of Women in art Women in art
      4.0 MiB - 177 Hits - December 4, 2011

      A beautifully put together video of famous paintings of women throughout the ages. It uses a morphing technique which dissolves one image into another seamlessly. Delightful cello music makes it the more compelling. Can you guess which paintings are depicted in this video?
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