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    • Icon of A Quest For Enlightenment A Quest For Enlightenment
      4.8 MiB - 374 Hits - December 4, 2011

      This zen presentation takes us on a journey From Japan to China, to the Himalayas and finally, to India. It is our hope that it inspires an appreciation that all people of the world are unique expressions of the One.
    • Icon of Air Show in the Swiss Alps Air Show in the Swiss Alps
      2.3 MiB - 249 Hits - December 4, 2011

      The Swiss Air Force’s Axalp Air Power Demonstration held annually, is not just an air show; it is an experience at 7614 feet (2321m) and it requires quite a hike for people to watch it. However, Axalp offers some extraordinary opportunities for truly stunning photography.
    • Icon of Beautiful Scotland Beautiful Scotland
      4.1 MiB - 465 Hits - December 3, 2011

      Beautiful photographs of Scotland with music from the incomparable former Greek opera soprano, Maria Callas. She sings "Un Bel di, Vedremo" an aria from Giacomo Puccini's Madama Butterfly. English and Spanish subtitles.
    • Icon of Friendship Friendship
      5.6 MiB - 318 Hits - December 3, 2011

      A remix of a previous PowerPoint video with beautiful ocean scenery.
    • Icon of Iman Maleki and his Art Iman Maleki and his Art
      3.6 MiB - 398 Hits - December 3, 2011

      Iman Maleki is an Iranian hyper-realistic painter. This presentation showcases some of his outstanding works. You will enjoy it for sure.
    • Icon of La Bohème La Bohème
      3.1 MiB - 302 Hits - December 4, 2011

      Famous actor and singer Charles Aznavour sings this famous 1966 song using beautiful Paris photography as a backdrop. The lyrics are displayed in the French language only. Enjoy!
    • Icon of Pablo Neruda Pablo Neruda
      1.0 MiB - 354 Hits - December 3, 2011

      Famous Chilean poet Pablo Neruda talks about what constitutes a slow death and what one should do to avoid it.
    • Icon of The dangers of using plastic bags The dangers of using plastic bags
      5.1 MiB - 319 Hits - December 3, 2011

      This video alerts us about the dangers of rampant global plastic bag usage. It also tells us about those cities and countries that are choosing to ban them.
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