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On redemption

Can one redeem oneself throughout the extraordinary love for another person? And if this were possible, could this path lead towards enlightenment? I suppose that in this enormous an incomprehensible universe, everything, and I mean everything is possible. However, I suspect that the subtle and yet demanding preconditions make it quite challenging, if not outright prohibitive. Read moreRead more


Soneto de Amor Número 5

El quinto soneto de la serie nos habla del regreso de mi amada. Por la distancia, grandes problemas y enormes batallas todo parecía perdido. Sin embargo los lazos que nos unen no son de este campo de espacio-tiempo, sino de mucho más allá. Read moreRead more


The Power of Myth

Although I am currently reading “The Power of Myth”, which is essentially the transcripts from the outstanding 1988 PBS six-chapter TV series, in which famed journalist Bill Moyers interviews, mythologist Joseph Campbell, this will not be a book review. Instead, Campbell makes a savvy case as to why marriages fail, today. Read moreRead more


Build an Enterprise Wiki

Wikis have been around for over a decade. Dur­ing this time they have proven to be an ex­treme­ly use­ful tool for many or­ga­ni­za­tions and the in­ter­net at large. Wikipedia.​org is one of the top ten web­sites and the poster child of what a suc­cess­ful wi­ki should be. Read moreRead more


Soneto de Amor Número 4

El cuarto soneto de la serie nos habla de la ciudad natal de mi amada, la cual se encuentra anclada en un valle en la cordillera de los Andes, durante un reciente viaje de vacaciones, en la navidad pasada. Los hermosos paisajes… Read moreRead more


Soneto de Amor Número 3

El tercer soneto de la serie nos habla de sentimientos frustrados, por la pérdida consecutiva de batallas en la vida. Estos conducen a la desesperación, pesimismo y por último a la falta de esperanza. Sin embargo, ella irrumpe… Read moreRead more


Soneto de Amor Número 2

El segundo soneto de la serie nos habla de una poderosa relación entre un hombre y una mujer, un reencuentro, por decirlo así, en donde la inspiración ocasionada por la dama, hace que el hombre despierte de un estado letárgico y monótono en su vida. Read moreRead more


Soneto de Amor Número 1

Este es el primer soneto en la serie de “Sonetos para mi Amada.” Utiliza una variante de la métrica del soneto clásico italiano, también conocido como soneto estilo Petrarca (a-b-b-a c-d-d-c e-f-g-e-f-g), en la cual las dos primeras cuadrillas o versos, tiene una rima distinta. Read moreRead more

Quill, Ink and Paper

Love Sonnets

Isn’t simply amazing how powerful a force, love can be? On many occasions I have stated that love is, in fact, the strongest force in the universe. And why do I say that? Simply put, while building this humongous and incomprehensible universe… Read moreRead more


Gracias a ti, amor

Gracias por volver conmigo una vez más, mi amor.
Hoy, al igual que siempre, te extrañé de muy buena manera.
Es decir, con un sentimiento dulce en mi corazón. Read moreRead more


A Canary flew into the Unknown

My mother was fond of her little male canary. She used to take good care of him. She cleaned his cage every day. She would feed him with all kinds of fruits and yummy birdseed, of course. And she used to talk to him too. As for talking to him, while visiting with her, I have to say that I did too. In fact, I used to try to mimic his sounds and he… Read moreRead more


Different by Design —Yesss!

I have been using Mozilla Firefox since like forever and feel that the web is so much better for it. I don’t think there is any web developer that doesn’t use it, as well. You see, it is a true standard of how things should work in the web. Of course, we have to use other browsers to test for compatibility, especially…  Read moreRead more