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Balam's cartoonBalam was born in Panama, grew up in Venezuela and has lived most of his adult and professional life in the United States. His name comes from the Popol-Vuh, the book of myths of the Maya. From early childhood, he developed great curiosity for knowledge, life and adventure. This has motivated him to seek an eclectic range of activities and interests.

At the age of twelve he travelled from Panama, to Canada, and back, by car; hence, arousing his childhood imagination, when he experienced exotic cultures and ancient archeology. He soared the Chilean Andes, flying sailplanes. He is a sailing enthusiast, a dancer, a pilot and even had a garage rock band, in his teen years; thus, his love for music and most notably: for jazz, glitz and the big city.

His creative juices found several decades of successful corporate expression in his chosen profession: Information Technologies.

Now, his creative interests take him on to literature, taking shape in bilingual fictional writing, of which this novel is, but his first attempt. His writing style has been heavily influenced by English, Classical and Latin American literature. Still, he is decidedly magnetized by complex technologies and its revolutionary impact, on a planetary scale.