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November 4, 2013

The War on Consciousness


Graham Hancock, a British writer and journalist, delivered a brilliant speech during TEDx talk at White Chapel, in London, on January 12 of 2013. Subsequently, TED banned his speech. However, the video was uploaded to Nevertheless, this act of censorship does not bode well on TED.

Graham’s speech was emotional and captivating. He made a case for the usage of hallucinogenic drugs throughout history, and its relationship to the spiritual world and most certainly, creativity. He talks about current day usage of Ayahuasca hallucinogenic drug by shamans in the Amazons, which he experienced firsthand; thus, causing some deep effect in his belief system.

But one of the salient and convincing points that he makes, is the separation of the modern day world from the spiritual realm. And this utter disconnect from Mother Nature makes us behave in an abominable manner, which is leading to the rapid destruction of the complex planetary ecosystems. You can visit Graham’s web site here.




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