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February 21, 2013

Hannah — Illustrations

Hannah Intrepid Wayúu

Hannah Intrepid Wayúu —A Novel

The e-book version and the printed paperback version are identical in almost every respect, except for the illustrations. There are no illustrations on the e-book version. As of this writing and as far as I know, image placement control is not… readily available on e-readers, which tend to dynamically format book’s contents, thus, altering their layouts. For this reason, I believe that re-sized and misplaced illustrations would detract from the reading enjoyment, on an e-reader.

On the other hand, after doing a bit of research, it seems that illustrations on an adult or “young adult”, (YA) printed fiction books, are a welcome bonus, which may enhance the overall reading pleasure. Yes, I understand many people prefer not to have them and to an extent, I do see their point of view. Nevertheless, we live in a world immersed in multimedia imagery, so I asked myself, why not use this resource too?

The novel utilizes an eclectic image-illustration style. But then again, the novel is a bit eclectic, itself. Some images take after cartoons, with their respective speech balloons; some are computer generated composites; and some are digitally retouched and enhanced photographs. Although, we could be tempted to think that because the novel makes use of illustrations, it is a children’s book, however, this book is not. It is intended for an adult and YA audiences, alike.


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