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February 21, 2013

Hannah — About the book

Hannah Intrepid Wayúu

Hannah Intrepid Wayúu —A Novel

This is the first illustrated and contemporary novel in a trilogy, about the “Romantic Adventures” of Hannah Isabela Miranda, an energetic, eclectic, irreverent and fanciful young woman. She is the daughter of Wolfgang, a German adventurer, who comes to South America in the 1980s seeking fortune, and Jaséle, a stunningly beautiful Wayúu princess.

Hannah embodies a powerful and wildly seductive attraction, Hannah-Intrepid-Wayuuwhich make other women despise her. Moreover, she becomes the nemesis of the men in her life. She goes on a heartbreak rampage, even at the expense of her own feelings. A quickly paced narrative provides us varied and exotic scenarios set in Latin America, the United States and Europe.

Thank you and enjoy!

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