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March 15, 2012


Geraniums on my window sill


A couple of months ago, the potted geraniums on the window sill were looking pretty scraggy. They were being watered regularly but still, they looked pretty sickly. I am not the most knowledgeable gardener but I do have luck with… plants. I guess you could say that I have a green thumb of sorts.

In any case, the soil in the pots looked very hard; almost clayish. So I got a long flat screwdriver and started poking holes and loosening the dirt a bit. It took me a little over an hour to finish because there were lots of pots and I mean not just geraniums; Why stop at them, Huh? … Ha ha ha!

I couldn’t believe it. In just a couple of days, the geraniums started growing and the leaves were thick, shiny and strong. In about a week they started flowering. They grew pretty fast too; especially, the hanging pots.

Having seen such drastic change, I made a note to myself to repeat this process every so often. Perhaps, I should mix the dirt with some peat moss to make it loose. But more importantly, I decided to wait a few weeks and then propagate the geraniums using cuttings.

Today was the day. The weather is pretty mild all year round and from about 2:00PM till sunset, the pots get a lot of sunshine because they are facing west. It was a beautiful sunny day, too. I took my screwdriver and a little gardening set which looks more like a toy set and jump right on it. The last thing I did was to water the plants; actually I drenched them … Oh, well!

In about a week or so I should be able to tell if the cuttings took hold. Let’s hope so. My aim is to have lush pots full of geraniums. Aha, I almost forgot. Geraniums will keep mosquitoes at bay. Not only are they beautiful plants but they are also, natural repellents. I will report back on this very same post, soon. In the mean time…


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  1. Hannah
    Mar 17 2013

    That is the way to do it. It even works in springtime in Germany.
    This year we have a very long winter. It is still snowing today and will continue during the entire week. Brrrrrr! But as soon as we have 10° Cel I will get new Geranium from the old ones. Of course, I have to have them in the house until the middle of May when we dont have minus temperatures in the night.


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