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March 28, 2012

Different by Design —Yesss!


I have been using Mozilla Firefox since like forever and feel that the web is so much better for it. I don’t think there is any web developer that doesn’t use it, as well. You see, it is a true standard of how things should work in the web. Of course, we have to use other browsers to test for compatibility, especially…  that most difficult browser, i.e. IE or Internet Explorer. But, in my mind, Firefox sets the bar.

Today, I upgraded to FF 11 and when the browser opened Mozilla’s “what’s new page,” I saw their new video which was placed on a bright and attractive orange landing page. So before I clicked close that page, I clicked on the video and was captivated by what it said for it echoes my on sentiment on the subject. They are a pack of independently spirited, fiercely unconventional people who do things a little differently.

“Where another company may value the bottom line, we value… well… value”

“We believe in principle over profit, we believe that secrecy is trumped by honesty and corporate interest by community. We believe that the web is more cared for than owned, more of a resource to be tended to than a mere commodity to be sold.”

“We are not just a different kind of browser; we are a browser that is making a difference”

Make a difference!


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