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March 21, 2012

Caracas iBook Fair —2012


This past Sunday March 18th, I took the subway around 11:00AM and headed down to Filven’s last day, which stands for Feria Internacional del Libro de Venezuela. This is Venezuela’s largest international book fair and it… takes place in the hectic, busy and yet charming city of Caracas. It seems that each year Filven gets a bit larger. Lots of people flock this venue in search for all kinds of books, many of which are literally given away for free; but be prepared to stand in long lines, to get them.

Every year this event takes place in a different location within the city. This year it was hosted right smack in the middle of the cultural center of the city; primarily, in and around the Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex and the Beaux Arts Museum of Caracas, next to the pleasant Caobos’ (Mahogany) Park. Here is a list of the most salient places, all within walking distance:

It was sunny, a bit on the warmer side for Caracas’ year-round spring weather; but quite pleasant, nonetheless, for any Floridian. I have no idea how many people attended this week long event. However, if this past Sunday was any indication, attendance must have been in the tens of thousands.

They had several events for children with mimes, clowns, music, face painting, et al. I imagine it’s a good idea to get the children started on books at an early age; kudos for those parents that took the time to do so. There were quite a number of break sessions with guest speakers and public participation. Many Spanish speaking countries were present, including Spain, of course.

All in all, I enjoyed the event very much and recommend it highly. I have added a couple dozen images, which I hope give you an idea what it was like.




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