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February 20, 2012

Alma Adentro


Last week, I was putting a music video DVD together for a friend of mine. Therefore, I checked which artists had won awards at the 2012 Grammy’s. Since I love jazz, I looked into that category and found an intriguing album by a performer which I had never heard of called Miguel Zenón, a saxophonist. Hmmm… that’s an unusual name, I thought. And the name of the Album is Alma Adentro.

So I went to YouTube and was lucky enough to listen to a cut called Tiemblas or Tremble and sure enough, I was transfixed; got the goose bumps so to speak.

In my mind, this kind of music is extremely cosmopolitan or worldly, if you will. It evokes images of New York, Tokyo, London, Paris or Rio, you name it. It has an upbeat, sophisticated nightlife club scene tempo to it … Yeah! Go ahead and click to hear a snipped from the cut Tiemblas.

Play 1. Tiemblas .

Zenón speaks about how this album came to be, (see YouTube clip below). Essentially, the project called for making jazz tunes out of old Puerto Rican ballads. A fresh new approach and I have to say that it worked marvelously. I am familiar with some of the legendary Puerto Rican composers who were chosen for this album.

Today, with a beautiful morning of bright, cool and crisp light, I was enjoying a warm breakfast; thanks to our housekeeper. And while listening to some wonderful classical music for Oboe from such composers as Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Mozart and Ferlendis I decided to share what I had discovered about Mr. Zenón’s wonderful jazz music, with you.

You can listen to the Alma Adentro album at and if you like it well enough why don’t you pick up the album at


Video Interview



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