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December 5, 2011

Life in a day


This is the story of a single day on earth; a free full feature 90-minutes YouTube film by Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald and produced by legendary movie director Sir Ridley Scott. Btw, Ridley Scott directed the movie Blade Runner which I mentioned on a previous post below.

Like millions of people, I saw the link on Google’s search page. So I clicked on it and read some brief comments about the movie/project. Right from the start I thought the concept was quite interesting. In short, the movie producers received over 4,500 hours of video footage from many, many people. In turn, they selected and edited the movie so that there was some kind of thread. They chose to use a 24 hour time line, beginning at 12:00AM and ending exactly 24hrs later.

On the positive side this is an interesting concept whereby the “net” itself is the source. I believe this will become a trend in the future. Also, this project relied on massive collaboration and I am all for it, as well.

However on the flip side, the project was way too ambitious. And in my humble opinion the final product was underwhelming. Don’t get me wrong; I believe it has value. I guess you need to watch it to judge for yourself.

My disappointment has to do with my personal expectations as to what a “single day on earth” would be like. You see, our planet is utterly complex. And we humans make it even more so. There were no hints as to its complexity at all. Also, the film carried an American centric bias which leads to a lot of stereotypes. But all in all, this was not an easy project for sure and I encourage you to watch it. And for a follow on to the movie project, click on the channel: YouTube Channel.

Watch Full Movie (2011)


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