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November 23, 2011

Voyage in a Circle


Voyage in a Circle by Tito Graffe, 20

Evoking the heady sixties and using a quick writing style which keeps the reader, engaged until the very end, VOYAGE IN A CIRCLE is, above all, highly entertaining.

A lighthearted autobiographical narrative written in first person, presents the contrast of cultures between South America and Europe, through the eyes of a young man, who has no experience of traveling abroad, but who has the ability to absorb and then express the many and almost Quixotic adventures, in full color.

Tito had leftist acquaintances in the early sixties which made him politically guilty by association in a country that had embraced the fear of communism, during the cold war years. A well founded sense of paranoia had him scrounge up whatever little money he could and head to Sweden. For young man who had never left the country, let alone flown anywhere, arriving in Sweden was a major culture shock.

But he came right during the tumultuous 60s. He adapted so well that within months he was able to buy a car and head south to France and later on to Italy. He fell in love with Paris and the bohemian life style. He contacted several artists from his home country who reside in Paris and the party was on and the rest is history.

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