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November 18, 2011

The Power and the Glory


The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene, 1940. I have read Graham Greene before. So when I saw the title of the book I was captivated by it. However, the book had nothing to do with what I had imagined. Nevertheless I am very glad I read it.

Greene’s prose is masterfully done so that once the reader has read a few pages he/she is trapped and will not be able to put the book down. Such was my case as well.

It takes place during 20th Century Mexican revolutionary war. Our hero is a young Catholic priest who is the last known practicing priest in hiding, in the state of Tabasco. The novel talks about the stern persecution of the Catholic Church. Many priests were shot in front of the firing squad. Many others had to abandon their faith for fear of persecution. Others simply fled to other regions.

However, the thirst for their religion could not easily be abated among the poor and destitute citizenry which encourage and protected this priest from persecution. Ultimately paying the highest price with their very own lives.

A marvelous novel which will transport you to truly believable strange and somewhat desolated places and lives.

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