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November 21, 2011




Proteus is a novel by Morris West which was published in 1979. This is a fascinating high finance high wire thriller that although at times it may seem a bit dated; nevertheless, it captures the essence of an international double life Wall Street saga.

West’s uncompromising mastery of the language will easily transport you to the high glitz scenery of a powerful and influential Italian family, the “Spadas.” And with one fell swoop he will drop you in the middle of Wall Street with all its power hungry pathos.

However, the book is a staunch criticism of torture. Ironically, it is this aspect of the book which in today’s world it makes it the more compelling. His narrative is unapologetic and we will feel at the very least empathetic towards people who have fallen prey to these wicked dehumanizing hellish places.

The central character, John Spada, a balls-to-the-wall powerful captain of industry who cannot accept anything less than total victory and the destruction of his enemies, will be confronted with abject failure.

This experience will transform him, thus unleashing the ire of Proteus upon the planet.

Well that’s it. Or did you think I was going to give the away ending? Go ahead and read it!

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