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November 23, 2011


Strange Pilgrims


Strange Pilgrims (Doce Cuentos Peregrinos) is an anthology of twelve short stories written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and published in 1992. To say that I like Garcia Marquez’s writings is not good enough: I simply love it. And this easy to read compendium of 12 short stories is no exception. Fortunately there is an English translation, should you choose to read it, and indeed you should!

Whether you’re all cozy in front of a warm fireplace zipping Gluvine (Mulled wine) or riding on a train in a rainy foggy day on some forsaken lands, this will be great companion, to be sure.

What I like about Marquez’s style is that he takes no prisoners. There is a staunch sense of virility in his characters. Blood truly runs through their veins; man or females alike. Emotions are strong. Sex is what it is; crude; sweaty and overpowering. When someone is murdered, it is done in the heat of blind fury. And yet there are moments when one can almost feel sublime inspiration.

At times, his stories make me want to jump out, grab my jacked and just go and experience such phantasmagorical world and the hell with everything else.

So let me see if I can do it justice. The last short story is called: “The trace of your blood on the snow.”

A young ultra rich couple has a sumptuous regal wedding in Madrid. An ambassador gives the bride a beautiful red rose, which unfortunately pricks, ever so lightly her wedding band finger.

She says its nothing and they tear off towards Paris, in the middle of a wintry snowed half-moon lit night. He cannot have enough of his brand new Rolls Royce convertible and simply wants to drive full speed ahead all night long. Unfortunately, blood continues to flow; drop-by-drop, bit by bit.

He is concerned that the car will get all messed up so she takes her hand out the window into the frigid night air and one warm drop of blood after other stain the pristine white snows as they hurl towards Paris.

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  1. Xochitl Wichterman
    Dec 23 2011

    Love your blog!


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